Batik Oei Khing Liem

Oei Khing Liem, Pekalongan, c 1940-1950,hand drawn wax resist on machine woven cotton, synthetic dyes

Pekalongan is a coastal town in  Central Java that’s famous  for its high quality batik makers. Eliza van Zuylen, Lien Metzelaar, Oey Soe Tjoen, The Tie Siet, Oey Kok Sing, Oei Khing Liem, and Liem Giok Kwie are just a few well-known batik makers that were active in the early 20th Century.


Oei Khing Liem, who was in the business from 1910 until 1960, produced thousands of refined and beautifully hand drawn batik cloths from his workshop in the Residentsweg area, Pekalongan. Because of the complexity of the patterns and the dyeing process, some of these batik cloths took months to finish.

Oei Khing Liem’s wax signature

This particular long cloth or “Kain Panjang Pagi Sore” is a fine example of Oei Khing Liem’s work. Dyed in elegant color combination, it is abundantly decorated with fine hand-drawn peacocks, flowers and butterflies.



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