Batik Tiga Negeri


Batik tiga negeri or “ three-region batik” is a hand drawn batik that underwent dyeing processes in three different areas, namely  in Solo, Pekalongan and Lasem. One batik workshop that has been producing a wide variety of “Three-region batiks” since the beginning of the twentieth century was the Tjoa’s family batik workshop, founded by Tjoa Giok Tjiam in Solo, Central Java.


Tjoa Tjoen Tiang wax signature

  Their  workshop has growth rapidly and lasted for three generations. One of Tjoa Giok Tjiam’s son, Tjoa Tjoen Tiang, played an enormous role in improving the quality of batiks from Tjoa’s workshop. In comparison with other Tjoa’s batiks,  Tjoa Tjoen Tiang’s batiks which bore T.T.T signature  have relatively better quality because the batik making process  were more carefully executed.



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