Kotak Mary Gregory

Amethyst Mary Gregory Box, glass, Bohemia, circa 19th c

Bohemia is a region in Czech Republic and was historically part of Kingdom of Bohemia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Since the middle ages, this region is famous for its glass-making industry. In the 19th Century, Bohemian glass maker developed a glass decorating technique called Quarkmanl or “white people”. This technique was done by applying white enamel paintings on a hand blown glass. The result was an enameled glass we know today as Mary Gregory glass.

Mary Gregory boxes in different sizes and shapes.
A small square box Mary Gregory glass with a typical Victorian era decoration

 The original “Mary Gregory” has a detailed enamel painting. Usually it needed more than one enamel-firing process to get a vividly three-dimensional effect. Sadly, after the end of the world war II the quality of this type of glass became significantly lower, the enameled painting was poorly done or mediocre at best.


A young boy teases a macaque

These particular amethyst colored boxes are fine example of first generation “Mary Gregory” glass. The beautifully detailed painting on the bigger round box is very uncommon for an Victorian- era Mary Gregory glass. It depicts a young boy teases a macaque , an animal rarely found in Mary Gregory type of decoration.

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