Foto Keraton


Since the end of the 19th Century, official events of Jogjakarta Sultanate  were immortalized in photographs and stored in the Royal archives.

Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII with the dignitaries from Paku Alaman Duchy and Dutch East Indies Colonial Administration
Praja Cihna, Royal Crest of Jogjakarta Sultanate


Usually, all of these photographs are stamped with the Praja Cihna ,the Kingdom’s Royal Coat of Arms.

From left to right : Mvr. S.M.J.Idenburg-van de Poll, P.J.A.Idenburg, Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII, Governor of Middle Java province R.KA.Bertsch,Ratoe Pembajoen, P.J.Bertsch-Hanekuyk
Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII and Governor of Middle Java R.K.A. Bertsch

This particular photograph was taken by R.B. Prawiro Kaswardjo on 9th of June 1939 as a documentation of an official visit from the high ranking Dutch East Indies officials to Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII. One of them was Johannes Abram Idenburg. He was the son of the former Dutch East Indies Governor General, Alexander Willem Frederik Idenburg. For similar photograph see : KITLV Digital Media Library (n.d.). Bezoek van P.J.A. Idenburg, directeur van het Departement van Onderwijs en Eerededienst aan sultan Hamengkoe Boewono VIII in de kraton van Jogjakarta. Retrieved from


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