Nampan Perak

Edward,John and William Barnard tray with a Tetard freres set

Barnards family is an important and possibly the oldest dynasty of an English silversmith. The origin of this firm can be traced back to the 17th century. In the 19th century, their fame has already attracted the  interest of many nobles around the world including the nobility in the Dutch East Indies.

Serving tray, Silver, London,1851

One example of Barnard’s work is this 1851 Victorian era silver tray that was made in London by Edward, John and William Barnard. With a weight of almost 2.2 kg and superb quality of the craftsmanship, this two handled silver tray is beautifully engraved with scrolling leaves and flowers and the center bearing an old spelling inscription “Radin Adie Pattie Notto Adie Ningrat”.

Engraving on the tray

It was commissioned by Raden Adipati Notoadiningrat, Regent of Bangil, East Java that reigned  from 1825-1853. His father was the son of Pakubuwono II, ruler of the Surakarta Sultanate while his mother was a descendant of Tjakraningrat V, ruler of the West Madura in the Dutch East Indies.




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