Sabuk Perak

Java, Dutch East Indies, Early 20th century

In the late 19th c and early 20th c, local jewelry companies in the Dutch East Indies such as Nord & Zeuit in Batavia, Liem Bo Swie in Semarang, and Shisui Sanchang in Surabaya produced wide varieties of hand made accessories made from diamond, gold, silver and brass.

Strait Chinese silver belt with beautifuly pierced panels and buckle

Accessories such as brooches, hairpins, kerosangs, and belts were important parts of Peranakan Nyonyas fashion style. Belts in particular were used to held up their wrapped batik sarong and as their family became more affluent they were more exquisitely made and have more elaborate design.

In the Chinese culture, foo dog is a feng shui protection symbol.

Unlike the commonly found unmarked Peranakan silver belts, this particular belt with beautifully detailed foo dog carvings is marked with the maker’s name and the silver purity mark. Whether this delicately made silver belt was indeed belong to an affluent nyonya, only this belt could tell …………

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