Tea Set Porselen Kraton

Hamengkunegoro III in his military uniform as a Colonel in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army

SDKGPAA Hamengkunegoro Sudibyo Raja Putra Narendra Mataram III was the son of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII and Queen Hemas who became the Crown Prince of  Keraton Yogyakarta in 1895 until his death in 1913. He was the only successor of Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII who had a first minister before ascending to the throne of Yogyakarta. In 1899, Kassian Cephas, an official photographer of Yogyakarta Sultanate documented a massively celebrated four years anniversary of the coronation of Hamengkunegoro III as the Crown Prince. During this celebration, nobles of Yogyakarta received a blue colored tea set as a gift.

Most probably this color was reserved for Yogyakarta royal family
Limoges France, late 19th C

This tea set was finely made in France and decorated with photographs of Hamengkunegoro III and his wife. These photographs were most likely taken by Kassian   Cephas himself. This is a rare and difficult to find limited edition complete set. A similar set can be found in Sultan’s Museum, Yogyakarta (see “Antique Ceramics Found in Indonesia” by Sumarah Adhyatman).

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