Kotak Parfum


In the 19th century, beautifully shaped scent bottles with attractive colors and elegant designs were lavishly made using various materials such as porcelain, gold, silver and crystal.

A Mary Gregory Scent Box made from glass,crystal and gilded metal
This scent box was made in Bohemia in the late 19th c



During that time, Parfumeries in Europe sold their products in plain bottles then put into their customer’s decorative perfume or scent bottles.

The lid is decorated with Victorian theme painting

This beautiful ”Mary Gregory” scent box is an example of Victorian era scent box that were most probably made in Nový Bor, Bohemia. It stands on four ball-shaped legs decorated with scrolling leaves. The front bears a lock with an original key.  The lid of this cobalt blue colored box is decorated with an enamel painting depicting a Victorian era girl.

Interior of the Scent Box

Its interior has two beautifully clear cut crystal scent bottles with original inside stopper. Overall, this is a beautiful and detailed piece of scent box. it is not surprising that Robert Ricci of Nina Ricci Fashion House once said “a perfume is a work of art, and the object that contains it must be a masterpiece ”



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