Kain Panjang Tjoa Tjoen Kiat

Tjoa Tjoen Kiat’s wax signature

Three-region batiks produced by Tjoa’s family batik workshop were dyed in three different areas, namely Solo, Pekalongan and Lasem. Since the early 1930s, Tjoa Tjoen Kiat together with his brother, Tjoa Tjoen Tiang actively built Tjoa’s batik enterprise.

Three-regions long cloth, Hand-drawn wax resist on machine-woven cotton, Solo- East Java, c. 1940
Long tailed- bird represents beauty and good fortune

Armed with batik-making skill inherited from their mother, Tjoa Tjoen Kiat and Tjoa Tjoen Tiang, at a relatively young age, tried to make a reinterpretation of three-region batik’s style established in the 19th century by batik makers in Lasem, Kudus, Semarang and Demak, initially intended for affluent Peranakan Nyonyas.

This batik was most likely used during special events such as wedding and birth ceremony
This long cloth is also decorated with chrysanthemum and peacock motifs

Unlike the 1800’s three-region batiks from the North coast of Java, Tjoa’s three-region batiks such as woman’s breast cloth, head wrapper, sarong and long cloth were most likely catered to the needs of the commoners and sold at a much more affordable price. Three-region batiks like this particular Tjoa Tjoen Kiat long cloth, probably made around 1940, were mainly worn by the commoners in West Java during special events such as marriage and birth ceremonies.

The detail of this swan motifs indicates that this long cloth was made before 1950

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